Jubilant Joshua!

Kids for Positive Change features jubilant Joshua!  Seven-year-old Joshua (Jah) was adopted from Uganda in 2015, where he did not know any English. Since moving to the United States, it is obvious he is a quick learner, thus having excelled in everything he tries. He is hilarious, an excellent dancer, has great taste in music, has a love of animals and protecting the earth, can spiral a football like a pro, is a great actor (his “Old-Man Walk” is hysterical), and is thoughtful and kind to everyone. Everywhere Jah goes, he is remembered. He brings joy, love, and light to all those who are lucky enough to come in contact with him.

Thanks to Joshua’s Mom, Kim Rich, for writing this beautiful post for Joshua and for supporting Kids for Positive Change!   LOOK for Joshua in an upcoming Kids for Positive Change episode!