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Our Project-Based Programs:

Raise awareness and self-esteem

Activate ideas

Inspire change

Support teachers & kids

Empower kids to take action

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Program Catalog ~ Grades: K-12

PROVIDING: Classroom & Homeschool Programs,  Assembly Programs, Year-Long Program, 8-Week Program


Climate Change

Learn how climate change is impacting animals, people and the planet and discover sustainable solutions.


Endangered Species

Learn about endangered species and how they are impacted by climate change, the illegal pet trade, poaching and more.  Discover why species are important to the planet.  Become an animal advocate!

Every Day

Choose a Platform

Choose an environmental or social justice platform topic and take action!  Learn how platform topics connect to Climate Change and Global Equality.

Every Day copy

Wake Up with Bree

Bree the Rescue Rooster crows, “Wake Up!  Bree Kind to the Planet.” Bree is the “guest beaker!”


Pollution Solution

Be the “pollution solution!”  Learn how plastic pollution impacts animals, people and the planet and take action with sustainable solutions. 


No Time to Waste

Tackle waste pollution, from plastics to clothing and pesticides to food.  Learn how to make sustainable choices!

Tiger Shark Feeding - Bahamas

Shark Action

Dive into the world of sharks.  Program can be paired with sea turtle program.


Sea Turtle Action

Swim into the world of sea turtles.  Program can be paired with shark program.


Fly into Action

Discover the world of exotic parrots and backyard birds.


Bee & Butterfly Action

Discover the diversity of bees, bugs and butterflies!


Orangutan Action

Swing into the world of the endangered orangutan.  Program can be paired with elephant program.

Elephant playing

Elephant Action

Explore the world of endangered African and Asian Elephants. Program can be paired with orangutan program.


Farm Animal Action

Learn about amazing and intelligent farm animals. This program promotes a plant-based diet.


River Otter Action

Learn about River Otters and Watersheds.


Animal Activation

Learn how animals coexist and cooperate and Explore animal bonds. Be motivated and Inspired to apply animal lessons and teamwork in daily life. *This specialized program Promotes creativity, Emotional stability & Teamwork.  Great for PBIS initiative.


Bree & Me Rooster

Learn about roosters and hens and Explore compassionate choices for animals & the planet.

What You Get:

You are TOTALLY dedicated to inspiring and educating kids about climate change and environmental issues in fun and innovative ways.  But, you’re thinking, “I don’t have time to do one more thing.”  Guess what? You don’t have to!

Sit back while I teach kids a virtual interactive presentation!

Use highly adaptable, ready-to-go resources to teach kids how they can make a difference (Exclusive manuals, worksheets, templates & hands-on activities).

Receive one-on-one support.

Email me when you have a question!

Best of all, kids will be engaged and….

you’ll feel inspired too!

What Kids Get:

  • An interactive presentation taught by a KPC Educator (virtually)
  • Take Action assignment
  • Exclusive worksheets, templates & hands-on activities


  • Learn skills in critical thinking & team building
  • Apply scientific thinking to real-world problems
  • Communicate their ideas through action-based projects
  • Become globally aware, socially responsible and civic-minded
  • Engage as collaborators and innovators
  • Connect with peers & community as global change makers
  • Participate in a learning with a purpose experience

Program Time:  45 – 60 minutes

Programs are interactive, cross curricular and align with STEAM


Climate Change Education & Learning with a Purpose

Project-Based Programs:

Address Climate Change and problems it creates for animals, people & the planet

Offer opportunities to understand the science behind global warming & cause & effect

Enable kids to discover and implement sustainable solutions

Encourage collaboration and peer to peer teaching

Allow kids to engage with school and local communities with classroom-community action projects

Covered Content Areas:

  • 21st Century Life and Careers
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Technology
  • Visual and Performing Arts
  • Math
  • Language Arts

K-12 curricula includes age-appropriate presentations, educational resources and take action activities!

Learning with a Purpose:

Kids are motivated to learn because programs focus on problems they care about and want to solve!

kids for positive change
kids for positive change


Most popular! Signature Series (3 programs, per classroom or homeschool group) $1,599.00.

Single classroom or homeschool group program (up to 30 kids): $599.00

Assembly (up to 300 kids): $999.00

8-week program, per classroom or homeschool group: $5,999.00

NOTE:  All programs include teacher manual, student worksheets, activities and take action templates

Want to book more than one program? Ask about multiple program package rates.

kids for positive change
kids for positive change

We believe every child has a bright idea that can light the world!


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