Camille Licate, aka, The Shoe Gal, is the author of Small Shoes : Outgrowing Old Relationships and Finding the Right Fit, offers Self Empowering Events that educate, motivate, and inspire you to Step Up and generate positive change personally, nationally, and globally.

We all can take STEPS for a better future. And the future starts with YOU.

Your thoughts, words, and actions can keep you, “gum on the bottom of your shoe,” stuck OR they can PUMP you up, and lead you to your Right Fit!

Make strides TODAY to change your “shoes” and change your life.

Workshops & Events

Step into Positive Change with ReNEW You 2017!

Change can be challenging.  With the proper tools and mindset, you can leap over any obstacle and make strides toward your dreams and goals…today!

Animal Activation Workshop

Animals can be our greatest teachers and can help us “activate” our dreams and goals.

Are you an Animal Lover?  Would you like to know how to communicate with your pet companion and/or a wild animal, or simply “know” what they are thinking or trying to tell you?  Have you ever wondered about specific messages animals have for you that can improve your life (like when you see a squirrel, it may be telling you to “prepare, because something big is coming your way”)?  Or, maybe you simply long to have a closer spiritual connection to your pet companions and/or wild animals in order to receive their love and lessons more fully.

One on One

Readings & Consults

Would you like an intuitive reading about yourself or your pet?  Connect with Camille to Schedule

Press & Praise

“Mercyhurst University alumnus and author, Camille Licate, generously returned to the dance department to speak with dance majors about her new book “Small Shoes”. The book uses the metaphor of shoes to offer humorous tidbits of advice.  My students could easily relate to the reflection of this amazingly creative and entrepreneurial woman’s navigation through life. I have since required it as reading for both my freshman and senior dance majors. They loved meeting her, hearing her stories and reading and discussing her book.”  – Tauna Hunter, Mercyhurst University Professor of Dance, Chairperson

“Camille not only helped me see what I wanted to improve, but she helped me to see what was working beautifully in my life and helped me appreciate those things.”

“Camille leads a wonderful workshop that is inspiring because she is obviously living what she preaches — positive, energized and focused on the glass half full to overflowing!”

“Camille provided tools to apply on a daily basis after the workshop. The materials that were provided are very helpful and I used them as a resource after the workshop.  This workshop was a wonderful experience that will help you make positive changes in your life!”  K.K., Los Angeles, CA

“Being in Camille Licate’s presence, at a workshop, makes one sun drenched with self love for the possibility they were meant to be.”  K.B., Ashtabula, Ohio

Stop with the Flip Flops and Find Your Right Fit

The Shoe Gal Certifications

  •  Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer/Trailblazer by Mike Dooley,
  •  Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner  by Doreen Virtue,
  •  Certified Mediumship Practitioner by Doreen Virtue,
  •  Certified 1st & 2nd Degree Reiki Practitioner by Valorie Renee Knutson,


  • Baby Shoes: worn in hometown, Ashtabula, Ohio
  • Ballet Shoes: worn as a dancer at the Ashtabula Arts Center, School of Cleveland Ballet, Cleveland Ballet Company,  Mercyhurst University, and Lake Erie Ballet Company
  • Field Boots: worn as an anthropology student on an Archeological Dig with Mercyhurst University, Erie, PA
  • Lab Shoes: worn as a pottery analyst at The American Museum of Natural History in the N. American Archeology Lab, NYC
  • Bare Foot: as a dancer performing with The Martha Graham Dance Company, NYC
  • Character Shoes: worn as an actor with The Shakespeare Theatre, Washington, DC
  • Character Shoes: worn as an actor in T.V. and Film, Los Angeles, CA and NYC
  • Writer Shoes: worn as the author of Small Shoes in Los Angeles, CA
  • Bare Foot: as a certified Children’s Yoga Instructor
  • Gold Shoes: worn on the red carpet at the New York Film Festival, Lincoln Center, for the premiere of the short film, Greystone
  • Riding Boots: worn as an equestrian student
  • Travel Shoes: worn traveling to Borneo, Indonesia to film the endangered orangutan
  • Rain Boots: worn as a Marine Mammal volunteer at The California Wildlife Center
  • Old Sneakers: worn as a Wildlife Rehab volunteer at The California Wildlife Center
  • Simple Flats: worn as a volunteer with MuchLove Animal Rescue
  • Multiple flats, heels, wedges, and clogs: worn to a plethora of day jobs
  • Comfy Shoes: worn spending time with my rescue dogs and birds
  • Hiking Shoes: worn hiking coastal canyons
  • Red Shoes: worn as a Producer pitching movie and TV ideas to studio executives
  • Dressy Flats: worn as Contributing Correspondent for the radio show, Animal Magnetism
  • Perfect Heels: worn as a Motivational Speaker, Ashtabula, OH, Los Angeles, CA, Erie, PA
  • Shiny Shoes: worn to Mike Dooley’s Train the Trainer Conference
  • Vegan Wedges: worn teaching Kids for Positive Change Programs to kids!