Earth Day Celebrations Around the World

by Khadijah Rahim

This past week we celebrated Earth Day! And for that one day, so many people and countries around the world gave back to Earth. Despite the current situation, countries held their celebration adhering to COVID-19 guidelines and respecting each other and the planet. So what happened, and how can YOU continue to make a difference?

Tokyo, JapanAccording to Earth Day Tokyo, each year, more than 100,000 visitors visit with their families to learn about sustainability and environmentalism in a two-day celebration of Earth. 

Granada, Spain – Every year, the Global Unity and Regeneration Gathering are held in Granada, Spain. Through workshops and presentations on environmentalism, healing, and spiritual awakening, eco-consciousness is spread as people connect with one another and the planet in a meaningful way learning how to cultivate spirulina pools and make self-regenerating water systems.

Queensland, Australia – The Restore Our Earth event has been held in Queensland, Australia since 1990 and even with the coronavirus pandemic, the show went on! According to the University of Queensland, activists and eco-conscious followers came together both remotely and in-person to celebrate the 51st anniversary of Earth Day. They did so through information summits, open discourse, watch parties, and even a gardening event. 

New York, USA – Americans often celebrate Earth Day with talks, walks, festivals and symposiums. This year, with the lingering threat of COVID-19, New Yorkers celebrated with a mix of in-person and virtual events. According to the NYC website, there were speeches from eco-conscious politicians, walking tours, the state representatives, and an opportunity to volunteer to help clean up the salt marsh on Randall’s Island and other beach cleanup events. 

Mumbai, India – To the people of India, Earth Day is not merely a day of celebration — it is a full-blown movement. In addition to conducting meaningful programs across India, Earth Day’s agenda is centered upon the damaged ecosystems, people, and endangered species that call India their home. Many of the events of the day actually focus directly on the endangered Asian elephant. Actress Juhi Chawla continued her Plant-A-Tree Project in which 55,000 trees have been planted within the last two years! 

South Africa, Africa – South Africa celebrates an earth-centric holiday every April 22, called International Mother Earth Day. Like many governments, the South African government considers climate change to be one of the biggest challenges facing humanity today. Their celebration is one that explores environmental sustainability in terms of everyday life, but the holiday also recognizes the collective responsibility that all of us share in preserving Mother Earth.

All around the world people came together to remember and give back to Earth. This year, let’s pledge to continue to make Earth Day a tradition everyday! Switch from plastic bags and bottles to something reusable. When you leave a room, switch the lights off to conserve energy. Most importantly, continue to educate yourself and value our planet everyday. Earth doesn’t give up one us, so don’t give up on Earth!