Teen Artist Helps Shelter Dogs

Camellia Steele possess extraordinary talent and an extraordinary heart.

I had the pleasure of meeting this talented young lady, a few years back, at a local art show in Los Angeles, CA.  I was immediately captivated by Camellia’s work.  When I found out she was only 15 years old AND donated the proceeds, from the sales of her artwork, to help shelter dogs, I knew she was a Kid for Positive Change.

Check out Camellia’s Kids for Positive Change Episode:  CLICK HERE.

Last year, when I was raising money for Project Valentine, Camellia painted the most amazing picture of Valentine (see below).  She generously donated this picture to Project Valentine, which has been reproduced into greeting cards.  All sales go toward supporting Valentine’s continued care. 

Now 18 years old, Camellia is employed as a layout artist.  She continues to create beautiful artwork and loves animals – especially rescue dogs.

Maybe you are an artist or have a special talent you are sharing with the world that can help animals or the environment.  Take a cue from Camellia and be a Kid for Positive Change!

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Painting by:  Camellia Steele