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Camille Licate’s Kids for Positive Change℠ & Kids Taking Positive Action℠ strives to REACH, TEACH, and INSPIRE kids to address and take action on local, national, and global issues that are impacting their world and future generations.

Camille hosts Live Programs & Online Episodes.  Scroll Down to Learn More!

Live Programs


Kids experience a Live Interactive Program focused on helping animals & the environment.

Created and hosted by Camille Licate.

Online Episodes


Episodes showcase kids taking steps for a brighter future.

Created and hosted by Camille Licate.

Camille believes every child has a bright idea that can light the world!


For kids to channel their energy, bright ideas and compassion into action-based positive outreach, focused on respect for all people, animals, and the planet, while uniting with peers, around the globe, to create a supportive community.



Fun and innovation go hand in hand, as kids participate in interactive, motivational enrichment programs, that focus on raising self-esteem, promoting creativity, and raising awareness about animal welfare and environmental issues.

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Camille Licate's Kids for Positive Change℠ Live Programs

Kids are schooled on a particular issue, choose a platform to voice their opinions, share their ideas, and implement solutions for positive change.

Preschool – 8th Grade

Click on Program Title Below for More Details

Orangutans & Elephants


Orangutan Action : Saving Orangutans

  • Program Focus: Swing into the world of the endangered orangutan; Orangutan habitat destruction; Palm oil plantations; Orangutan rescue and rehabilitation; Saving orangutans
Elephant playing

Ellie Action: Saving Elephants

• Program Focus: Explore world of endangered African and Asian Elephants; Elephants and earth’s ecosystem; Elephant adaptations; Saving elephants

Sharks & Sea Turtles

Tiger Shark Feeding - Bahamas

Bite Into Action : Saving Sharks

Program Focus: Dive into the world of sharks; Sharks and ocean’s ecosystem; Chronological history of sharks; Sharks and dinosaurs; Shark finning; Saving sharks


Swin Into Action : Saving Sea Turtles

Program Focus: Swim into the world of sea turtles; Sea Turtles and ocean’s ecosystem; Chronological history of sea turtles;  Sea Turtle Conservation; Saving sea turtles

Parrots & Backyard Birds


Fly Into Action : Saving Parrots & Backyard Birds

• Program Focus: Discover world of exotic parrots and backyard birds; Habitat preservation; Sustain local bird populations • Live parrots are “guest beakers!”

American Bald Eagle Fish Grab

Eagle Action : Helping Birds of Prey

Program Focus:  Discover birds of prey; Learn why birds of prey are important to our ecosystem; Protect birds of prey by learning about products and organizations (like The American Eagle Foundation) that support their survival.

Bees, Bugs & Butterflies


Ecosystem Action: Saving Bees, Bugs & Butterflies

• Program Focus:  Discover the diversity of bugs; Learn why bees are important to our ecosystem; Protect bees and butterflies by using organic/all natural indoor and outdoor bug repellants and household products.


Ecosystem Action: Respecting Spiders

Program Focus:  Discover the diversity of spiders; Learn why spiders are important to our ecosystem; Protect spiders by using organic/all natural indoor and outdoor bug repellant.

Programs can focus on a specific species or various species
(Example: Sharks or Sharks & Sea Turtles)

Other Programs!


Farm Action: Helping Farm Animals

Program Focus: Learn about farm animals; Explore veggie and vegan diets; Address Factory Farming;  Learn about food labels, mainly organic and certified humane


Animal Activation : Confidence Builder

• Program Focus: Confidence builder; Learn lessons from animals; Provides motivation; Empower participants with positive insights and activities; Promotes creativity and emotional stability  *Program incorporates Infinite Possibilities Trainer Certification Material

Press & Praise

Thank you, Camille, for inspiring my troopers to care about animals and instilling in them the knowledge that each of us has the ability to change our world!  You are an inspiration to me as well!”  -Valarie Gardner, Roots & Shoot Coordinator, LA, CA

“A rare and wonderful experience.”  – Parent, St. John High School, Ashtabula, OH

“To see how excited they were about learning was a shining example of Camille’s ability to share her passion in a way that will be cherished by these children for years to come.”  – Heather, Neighborhood School Parent, LA, CA

“Thank you so very much Camille! Your fun wisdom has planted a seed that will continue to grow. Thanks to your kindness and inspiring visit, these kids, who were able to see your presentation, will have a new found respect for birds and animals alike.”  – Parent, Campbell Hall School, LA, CA

“Throughout Camille’s very organized and fun presentation, she would let the children ask questions, which led each of them to discover more than they ever expected. The smiles on their faces were proof that they felt so lucky to have this experience.”  – Parent, Campbell Hall School, LA, CA

“Of all our presenters this school year, Camille was by far the best. It is one thing to know your subject matter and to prepare and present a lesson in a way that is both educational and fun.  But it is another thing altogether to relate beautifully to children, to guide and go with the energy of the group and to do all of it with grace and ease.  Camille did all that and more.  I would absolutely recommend Camille Licate’s Kids For Positive Change as a presenter to children.” Valarie Gardner, Roots & Shoot Coordinator, LA, CA

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Meet Camille

Camille Licate, Founder and Director of Camille Licate’s Kids For Positive Change & Kids Taking Positive Action, was born in Ashtabula, Ohio. From an early age, she had a great affinity for animals, children, writing and entertainment. She graduated from Mercyhurst University, in Erie, PA, earning a degree in Dance and minor in Anthropology.  She also studied with Mike Dooley, from, and is a certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer.

Camille lived in NYC, where she studied and performed with The Martha Graham Dance Company and worked as a pottery analyst for The American Museum of Natural History.  She made the coastal leap to Los Angeles, CA, where she worked as a professional actress, writer and speaker. She’s booked 20 + television commercials, appeared in comedic sketches on NBC’s Jay Leno Show and was the lead in the film “Greystone,” which premiered at the New York Film Festival and London Film Festival. Camille authored and self-published the book, Small Shoes, which led to the launch of her motivational speaking career. She was a Main Stage Panelist Speaker at Mike Dooley’s Trainer the Trainer, Infinite Possibilities Conference in Boston, MA, November 2013 and a Breakout Session Speaker in San Diego, CA, March 2014.  Camille made her screenwriting debut with her animated children’s film, “IZZIE’S WAY HOME,” produced by The Asylum.  Release Date:  May 17, 2016.  

An animal advocate, Camille worked for Orangutan Foundation International and traveled to Camp Leakey, in Borneo, Indonesia, to film and study the endangered orangutan.  She volunteered, for 10 years, with the California Wildlife Center, where she worked in the Baby Care Unit and Marine Mammal Center, caring for sick, injured and orphaned, birds, squirrels, sea lions and elephant seals, and volunteers with a Sea Turtle Conservation Team, off the coast of  Savannah, GA, each  summer.  Currently, Camille is the Co-Director of Education for Wild Bird Fund Education Center, in New York City.

In addition to developing and facilitating educational programs, Camille produces episodes showcasing kids taking positive action for animals & the planet! 

Camille is the recipient of a Martha Holden Jennings Foundation, Grants-to-Educators and Open Grant, Roots & Shoots mini grants and a Robert S. Morrison Foundation grant.  Camille was a Green Festival NYC Partner for Family Fun Pavilion 2017.  Currently, Camille is speaking and facilitating a Year-Long education series for 500, 4th and 5th grade students, in Ashtabula, Ohio! 

Episodes : Showcasing Kids Taking Positive Action!


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