ReNEW You Program


  • Restore Your Dreams 
  • Rebuild Your Thoughts & Actions
  • Reignite Your Relationships
  • Regain Clarity about Next Steps
  • Realign Your Work
  • Reinforce Your Goals

ReNEW Your Commitment to YourSelf! 


Now, more than ever, positive change must begin within and radiate out!   The ReNEW must begin with YOU!

During this 6 month program, we are going to address several components of life and learn how to continue moving forward even when it feels like things are falling apart or just not coming together.  As we address these issues, through group and one on one calls, you’ll receive various tools, both practical and spiritual, to help support you. Tools that can be used every single day and can help you when you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed, sad, confused or fed up.  Tools that can help you find clarity, purpose, stability, abundance and right action.  Tools that will also help you declare and maintain healthy boundaries, healthy habits and promote self-care.  You’ll also receive guidance, during your one on one calls, that will support and relate to your specific dreams, goals, projects and intentions.  The outcome : A ReNEWed YOu!

During This Program You Will: 

  • Revive Your Sense of Self & Your Dreams
  • Rebuild & Make Foundational Changes to Your Thoughts & Actions
  • Reignite Your Relationships
  • Regain Clarity about Next Steps and where you want to be in your life
  • Realign Your Work & Goals
  • Reinforce the Commitment to YourSELF

Program Details

January – June 2017

6 MonthProgram Includes:

  • 7 Group Call Sessions (60 min)
  • 6 One on One sessions (45 min) include, but not limited to the following:
    • Angel Reading
    • Distance Reiki Treatment
    • Animal Totem Reading
  • 2 MP3 Meditations (Morning & Evening) 
  • Personalized  Surprise Support Notes in the Mail
  • “Selfie” Adventure Day
  • Non-Electronic Day Challenge
  • Supportive Positive Action Steps Handouts
  • Positive Change Manual with Simple Steps to Create Change for yourSelf, your family and the world
  • Surprise BONUS Group Calls featuring Guest Speakers


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