Project Valentine

Hi! I’m Valentine.  I’m a free-spirited mare, who was horribly abused.  I was very thin and scared when I met Camille and her friend Erin.   Thanks to amazing sponsors and much patience, love and kindness (and A LOT of carrots), I’ve made a beautiful recovery, and now live at Red Dragon Ranch in Santa Clarita, CA. I need sponsors to help pay for my hay, feed, board & vet bills!  Oh, and lots of carrots.  Will you step up?  

Valentine is the official mascot of Kids for Positive Change and is featured in our logo!

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Thank you so very much, from the bottom of my heart, for stepping up for this beautiful horse!
Yearly Cost Breakdown:
Valentine’s Monthly Room & Board: $220.00 ($2,640 a year)
Her Annual Vet Exam: $325.00
Hoof Trim: $50
Booster Vaccines: $150.00
Emergency Fund: $500.00 – $1000.00 (we needed this, this year when Valentine needed critical vet care for a sudden case of colic)
A Year in Review:  2016
~Valentine lives in a pasture with her new boyfriend, Uno
~Uno watches over Valentine when she sleeps
~Valentine’s days are spent sunning herself, but with the heat of the summer, she did have a minor colic episode which required critical care from her vet.       (Thankfully, she made a full recovering and, again, thanks to you, there was money in her fund to pay the $375.00 vet bill)
~Valentine is thriving each day… thanks to you!

What a face!  What a body!  Hard to believe a little over 2 years ago, Valentine was skin and bones and afraid of everything and everyone! Enjoy this video taken on Oct. 11th 2016 of Valentine galloping in her spacious pasture, in Santa Clarita, CA, at Red Dragon Ranch.  She is loved and adored and.. quiet the Diva!