Camille Licate : Founder & Educator

Camille loves to teach and inspire kids and adults to take positive action for the planet through classroom programs and online video episodes.  Camille is so honored to be part of something bigger than herself and feels so blessed to have the support of her family and the incredible Kids for Positive Change team!  When she’s not teaching or filming, Camille loves spending time with rescue goats at Catskill Animal Sanctuary, hiking wooded trails, writing, fostering pigeons for Wild Bird Fund, walking her rescue dog, Oliver, or spending time with her rescue rooster, Bree.

Molly Taylor, Director of KPC Series

Molly heads the amazing Concept Pop Art, a multi-media company that provides a multitude of creative services such as website design, photography, art on canvas and music.  Being a beautiful and creative spirit, Molly is a natural camera woman and director.

Michelle DeOrsey, Editor of KPC Series

Originally from Boston, Michelle got her start in video production 6 years ago in Chicago, producing and editing videos for the Chicago Tribune. She moved to LA to further pursue her post production career and has worked for both Deluxe Digital Studios and The Walt Disney Company. Outside of work, Michelle loves hiking, playing the piano, staying healthy and enjoying the outdoors! She’s thrilled to be editing for Camille Licate’s Kids For Positive Change℠ and can’t wait for what the future holds!

Lisa Jorgensen, Associate & Educator

Lisa has a Bachelors of Science in biology and is a Researcher online and in the field for Camille Licate’s Kids for Positive Change℠.  She’s worked with the Kashmir World Foundation, where she advocated for saving rhinos and elephants.   She’s also done field work with endangered sea turtles, off the Georgia Coast.  Running a close second to her love of animals is her passion for music.  In addition to touring states surrounding Ohio, Lisa played the FIMU festival in France, with her band, “Furnace St.,” playing bass, keyboard and supporting vocals.

Dewey Dung, Mascot

Dewey Dung is a dung beetle from the continent of Africa, but he is quite the globetrotter.  Dewey Dung rolls the poop, from elephants, which in turn, helps plant new trees for the forest.  Trees that are part of forests, where animals live and trees that provide oxygen for us to breathe.  Dewey Dung is an expert on the big problems facing animals, people and the planet and says that although these problems “stink,” by kids and adults taking positive action, these problems can turn around.. for the better!  Dewey Dung is working on a children’s book and is also featured in Camille Licate’s Kids for Positive Change℠ curriculum for students!  Dewey Dung rounds out our Team, as he continues to “roll the poop” and speak up for positive change!