The Actor & Writer

The Actor & Writer


Starting out as a professional ballet and modern dancer, I was hired as a “dancer who could act” by the Shakespeare Theatre in DC.  It’s been 13 years, 25 + booked television commercials, 3 appearances on the Jay Leno Show and several films (one of which premiered at the NYC Film Festival) and I still get that fluttery feeling when I hear, “Action!”  This is just another way, I step into action.   


Join Izzie on an adventure of a lifetime, as she learns how to be true to herself!  Screenplay by:  Camille Licate.  Roles of “June” & “Mona” played by Camille Licate.


Like shoes that once fit you so well, relationships with your friends, work, life style and more, become too “small,” out of “style,” or just too “old.”  Small Shoes has the guidance and answers to help you take that necessary step in the right direction!

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