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Showcasing Kids Taking Steps for a Brighter Future

4th Graders from Superior Intermediate, in Ashtabula, Ohio, are taking positive action to help honey bees!

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Meet amazing kids & adults who are taking positive action to protect and save the wild birds of NYC!


Meet incredible kids & adults who are taking positive action to protect and save the endangered sea turtle!


Meet 4th Graders, from Superior Intermediate School, who are helping save bees!  

Hungry giant panda bear eating bamboo

Meet 11 year old Harrison, who is taking giant steps to save & protect the Giant Panda!


Meet Julia, who, at 12 years old, changed the law in her town to protect animals living in and around her town’s local pond! (And she organized a park/pond cleanup too) 🙂


Meet 9 year old, Dlyn, and his brother, 6 year old, Chase.  They are helping protect the Bald Eagle. 


Meet 15 year old, Camellia who uses her talent as an artist to help shelter dogs.


Meet 11 year old, Ella, who is taking action to end animal testing.


Meet 5 year old, Callan, who is helping the endangered orangutan.


Meet sisters, Reese, Mia & Morgan who are taking positive action to help hungry kids in need with Blessings in a Backpack!


Meet Amazing Kids from the Infinite Possibilities, I Believe in ME! program, taking positive action for hospital patients!  Video Curtesy of Rebecca Psigoda.


Meet 17 year old, Lucy, who took positive action to replace plastic water bottles with reusable water bottles, at her high school, to protect the environment and animals!  Go Lucy!

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Meet 13 year old Ellie!  Ellie will show you how to make a reusable bag out of a t-shirt!  Click her episode for “how to” instructions! 

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Read what FB Fans from American Eagle Foundation are saying about Bald Eagle Action!


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