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Bree and Me Rooster

Meet Bree!

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Bree the Rescue Rooster, “Breelieves” everyone can make compassionate choices. Following a BreeKind Lifestyle made of yummy plant-based foods, and eco-friendly products, is a choice you can make for Bree, his friends and the environment (not to mention your health).

Bree's Television Debut!

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Bree the Rescue Rooster, makes his television debut on the show, Pickler & Ben!  Enjoy this 1 minute clip from his segment.

Bree's Message

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A Message from Bree the Rescue Rooster: Bree Kind to All Animals.

Bree Visits Catskill Animal Sanctuary

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Catskill Animal Sanctuary, located in Saguertise, NY is one of Bree’s favorite places to visit!

Watch Right this Minute

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Watch Bree on Right This Minute…Right This Minute!

Bree and Me Rooster

Educational Program Promoting a Plant-based Diet to Save & Protect
Animals & the Planet

Invite Bree (and Me) to your child’s school or event, for an interactive presentation full of fun surprises and interactive activities, including Bree as the “Guest Beaker!”

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Bree and I are featured in this special photo book dedicated to chickens and their rescuers (suitable for ages 12 and up). Award-winning photographer Janet Holmes donates at least 50% of her profits to help people pay for veterinary care for their rescued chickens. (Order by December 1 to get delivery by Christmas.)

In the Works: The Joyful Life Animal Sanctuary : From Existing to Living

Special Thanks to the Pollination Project for helping turn the Bree & Me Project from vision to reality!

Special Thanks to the Microsanctuary Movement for helping build Bree's coop!